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Policy and Procedures

1.1 S&C Cleaning Services specialise in the delivery of quality cleaning services.

Our main goal is to make sure we keep your home or business totally clean and. Policies and procedures helps us communicate to you the things we believe are important to our business.


1.2 Cleaning costs vary, and discounts are negotiable for long-term contracts and a domestic use discount of 10% is also applicable for OAPs (old aged pensioners) on Proof of age. Cleaning services and charges are subject to annual review and negotiation.


1.3 It is our policy of the S&C Cleaning Services to respond to all complaints and service requests relating to cleaning.

Complaints and service requests are to be recorded, investigated and replied promptly in accordance with S&C Cleaning Services Policy and Procedures.


1.4 A full review of S&C Cleaning Services Policy and Procedures will be reviewed every 12 months, any amendments authorised by the manager .


1.5 Our employee are very important to us, and we are very serious about keeping them safe, so they are not allowed to use ladders more than 2 steps high or move anything heavier than 35 lbs. These types of activities put out employees in danger of back injury. If you would like us to clean behind appliances like a refrigerator, oven or sofa, please move it in prior to the cleaning to allow access to the desired area. For all special request, simple give us a call to properly arrange for your need to be handled properly.


1.6  We try our best to meet the standard that is expeted and we accept no responsibility for any electrical faults that may occur.


2. Environmental Policy and Procedure


2.1 Environmental Policy


S&C Cleaning Services are committed to the management of and minimising environmental impacts resulting from all our activities. We will operate in compliance with all relevant legislation and use environmental best practices in all we do; and we are committed to continuous improvement in those activities.

S&C Cleaning Services is committed to:

  • Communicating this policy to all staff working on our behalf.
  • The prevention of pollution, and continual work to minimise the impact of its operations through a continuous improvement program.
  • Motivating and educating our employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Where practical we will minimise waste disposal and promote recycling and the use of recycled goods.



3. Performance, Management and Quality Policy


3.1 The quality of S&C Cleaning Services cleaning services will be measured by the following performance indicators:

ƒ Complaints/service

ƒ Customers receive a Customer Service and Satisfaction Questionnaire based on services received.


3.2 The manager  is responsible for vetting the performance of employees/subcontractors.


3.3 All employee/subcontractor documentation /certificates relevant to work will be kept up to date and on file in a secure location, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


3.4 All customer data relevant to work documentation will be kept up to date and on file in a secure location, and in accordance with the data protection act 1998.



4.1.1 Appropriate Cleaning Service


Cleaning staff will liaise with the customer to discuss the services required and document the appropriate cleaning service. Factors that Cleaning Officers will consider when assessing the service will include:


  • ƒ What materials and methods will be used?
  • ƒ If any, what chemical can be used?
  • ƒ An assessment of the risks to people, animals and the environment. Client information, advice and needs.
  • ƒ Whether future visits are required.

The Cleaning staff will ensure the checklist and work sheet is explained to the customer and upon completion of work is completed and signed off if the customer is satisfied with the work carried out before any payment is made. Method of work, chemicals to be used and duties to be carried out will be fully explained to the client and must be understood and accepted by client before any work commencing, Client is within their right to cancel any appointment if they are not happy with method or chemicals that will be used and no charges will be made to the client.


Some cleaning services will require one visit (e.g. spring clean, moving premises); whilst others will be on-going (e.g. weekly).The relevant cleaning staff will refuse to

Carry out the service when he/she considers that there safety is at risk or if they feel that wrong information was given during the booking of the work which has lead to work been undercharged. Customer at this point will have the option to either pay the full price for the work to be carried out or refuse to go ahead with the work and the Business takes no responsibility for a failure on the customer part to give the correct information.


The manager (Anneka Okoli) of S&C Cleaning Services may refuse to accept a request for a chargeable cleaning service if the client has failed to pay or payment has been severely delayed for a previous cleaning services invoice.


4.1.2 Cleaning Service Schedule of Duties & Staff record of Duties, Client Diary Prior to commencing work, the Cleaning staff must review Schedule of duties and mark of completion of work in the staff record of duties, fill in any other work required by customer and completed or relevant information into the client diary, the Client and Cleaning staff then sign to confirm that work has been completed and they are happy with the work.


4.1.2 Customers will always be contacted 45 minutes before work is completed to come and make checks that the work is to their satisfaction. We take no responsibility if customers are unable to attend property to make their checks. We will advice customer to make arrangements to attend and check work been carried out.


4.1.3 Payments that are made after the work sheet is signed by both parties are non-refundable as it is considered that the customer is happy with the work upon completion before the work sheet was signed off and payments made.



ƒ Purchase, Storage and Stock Control of Cleaning Products and Materials


5.1 Only approved suppliers of cleaning products are used by S&C Cleaning Services and its subcontractors. The manager or designated deputy has sole authority to purchase approved machinery/chemicals required to fulfil work order.


5.2 Cleaning staff) working for S&C Cleaning Services will use OUR own machinery/tools in accordance with our policy.


5.3 At least once a year, the manager will carry out a periodic stock take of all cleaning materials and the stock must be witness verified. It should involve an annual check of all items in stock (stock received and stock used) so that the figures are reconciled to the items in stock and the witness should then sign the stock taking findings.


5.4 Cleaning staff and the manager are responsible for the safe and secure storage of cleaning products and materials. Cleaning products and equipment are to be stored in accordance with the appropriate legal requirements


5.5 Storage of cleaning products and materials in the vans/cars used by Cleaning staff must be limited so as to ensure that the vehicle is not overstocked and/or overloaded. Cleaning products/materials must only be kept in the rear compartment of the van/car boot, so as not to create an H & S risk.


5.6 When Cleaning staff are at clients sites they will ensure that the firms van/car or their own vehicle is parked securely on the site premises rather than becoming a risk by parking in private parking bays etc., and that they have a clear field of view for unloading cleaning products for use on the site/area.


6 Cleaning Staff Training


6.1 The manager will ensure Cleaning staff/subcontractors are fully trained to carry out their duties in a safe manner. Staff will have in-house tool box talks on cleaning training and the firm will strive towards staff gaining cleaning certificates.

Cleaning Officers/subcontractors will only be permitted to carry out unsupervised cleaning services when they can demonstrate to a manager that they understand S&C Cleaning Services Policy and Procedures, they are able to fully follow and comply with safety practices.


6.2 The manager is to ensure that Cleaning staffs are up to date on technical matters, as identified during staff review and development interviews, with proof of training and copies of certification gained kept on file.


7. Cleaning Charges and Management Procedure


7.1 Any employee/subcontractor is bound by the statement and terms of S&C Cleaning Services Employee Agreement they sign. The procedures allow S&C Cleaning Services to check out employee/subcontractor credentials and proof that the certifications they hold are genuine (prior to work start date); along with other procedures which allow us to monitor that employee/subcontractors are working to a high standard. The agreement includes a 6 month probation period, a random spot check and a call to S&C Cleaning Services customers for feedback regarding employee performance.


7.2 All employees/subcontractors hired by S&C Cleaning Services are given the Policy and Procedures document to read, any queries to the documentation are answered and the documentation then signed by employees/subcontracts to state that they have read, understand and will comply with policy and procedures.


7.3 Invoice payments terms are 3 days from the invoice generation date and must be made by bank transfer with the account details we provide.


7.4 Any jobs over £100 require a 30% deposit which will be refunded in full when booking is cancelled 24 hours before work commencing and the rest paid upon completion. There is a charge of £15 if the booking is not cancelled 24 hours before work commencing.


7.5 Charges for different services vary, and discounts for long term projects are negotiable. A discount of 10% for OAPs applies on proof of age being shown (e.g. pension book, bus pass, birth certificate etc.)


7.6 Cleaning service charges are reviewed on a yearly basis.


7.7 An extra £15 charge will be made if bookings not cancelled 24 hours before work commencing date are re-booked. Customers are within their right to cancel this booking entirely and not go ahead with it.


7.8 Extra charges will be made if customers have not given the full information while making a booking or request additional work to be carried out when work commence. Customer also have the right to cancel the booking before work commence.



8.1 Cancellation


If you wish to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment, atleast 24 hours notice must be given before the start of the booked services date through email (enquiry@sccleaningservices.co.uk) or by contacting us on 01793325710. We must adhere to this policy to prevent loss of wages to our staff and manage time efficiently. We reserve the right as a business not to re-book or reschedule any appointments that does not adhere to this policy.


9.1 Payments


Forms of payments are cash, Bank transfer (On site). Customers will be expected to pay for their cleaning at the time of service provided they are happy with the service,customer must make sure they check the work and are satisfied.



10.1 Refunds


Since cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service, we cannot offer refunds to customers. Customers are requested to make proper checks of any work carried out and make sure they are satisfied before staff leaves their premises and payment. Customers have also 24 hours to let us know if work has not been carried out properly and give us 72hours to respond correct any work. We may take pictures of each job arried out in most occassions.

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Services includes:

One off clean

End of tenancy clean

Regular clean

Oven clean

Carpet clean

Upholstery clean

Special discount for all OAPS, disabled, friends & family.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our services and pride ourselves on providing a personalized quality  service for each individual client. Most of our clients likes us because we actually care about their homes.


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